Why O MeoWhy Must We Go to the Vet

At MGVC, we are committed to health care for all cats, even though kitties like to fool their owners into thinking that they are “purrfectly” healthy and to use their innate phobic behaviors to discourage their owners from making vet visits!   We strive to inform owners about the “Why’s?” of regular check-ups  and the “How to’s” of decreasing the stress of those vet visits! 

“ My cat looks healthy to me—why should she go to the doctor?” Or “She’s just slowing down a bit—I guess she’s getting older, no need to see the vet”.   Well, hopefully she IS healthy, however:

  •  the physical exam done at routine check-ups helps to determine what is normal for your cat and allows the attending vet to become familiar with her, making it easier to pick up on abnormalities later on.    Screening tests that may be done at regular check-up time  are also very helpful in catching problems early, while they are more treatable
  • cats age faster than we do.  Your cat’s annual exam is the equivalent of you going to the doctor only once every 4 to 5 years, which may be acceptable when you are young and healthy, but becomes more important when you get older.
  • cats are masters at hiding problems and illness until it is critical or so far advanced that treatment becomes more difficult and expensive.  Some examples of insidious issues that may not be noticed at home include pain, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, diabetes, dental disease.

So remember your fabulous feline friends need health care too, and we are here to help provide it!

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