03/23/2020 – Information updated: Curb Side Service, and 1 other.

03/28/2020 – Stay at home order still allows us to operate and for you to come to our clinic for care or supplies.

05/04/2020 – Easing up on limited services while still doing curb side services.


Easing up on Limited Services 5-4-20

We will continue with the curb-side service but we will start to offer some more services previously discontinued.  On a limited basis we will be doing some sterilization procedures as well as dental procedures.  These will be done on a case-by-case basis.

“Stay-at-home” Order 3-28-20

We will continue with the curb-side service as we are allowed to remain open and care for our clients and patients.  If you have any questions about this, feel free to call.

Curb-Side Service 3-23-20

Moraine Grove is instituting curb-side service.  No one will be permitted in the clinic except for end-of-life situations.  This is to protect our clients and staff from potential exposure.  Curb-side service means that you will remain in your car safe.  Call the clinic and a staff member will come out gloved and masked to get your pet.  The pet will be taken to the clinic cared for and returned.  The staff will communicate with you via phone.

If you are simply picking up meds or food, you can pay over the phone prior to coming and then once you arrive, call the clinic and someone will be out to deliver your products.

Short-Handed  3-23-20

We are running short handed, so please be patient with us.  If you get a voice mail please leave a message and someone will get back you as quickly as possible,


The Governor’s office has confirmed that veterinary services DO fall under Healthcare and are permitted to stay open.


During the COVID-19 crisis only essential services are able to be performed by our veterinarians and staff.  Consistent with what is being required of human medical providers, elective procedures must be postponed for companion animals to conserve medical supplies and safeguard human health.  If you are asked to reschedule, please be understanding.  We will not forget about you but the situation is fluid and we may end up being required by the State to continue to move all non-essential services until this crisis ends and we are operating under normal conditions.


Because of the limited services we are able to offer, the hours the clinic will be staffed may change from day to day.  We ask that you call ahead to make sure of the hours for the day.  We will try to ensure we are staffed as much as possible but there may be times when staffing may be limited.

Rest assured we are here to help you during this crisis.  Should you want to check if your current need is “essential” or you just have a concern about your pet, please feel free to call us.

From the staff at Moraine Grove, we wish to thank you for your patience should we be required to reschedule your appointment or we are unable to accommodate a timely non-essential visit.